Project Step LLC  (formerly The Steppers Club)

Course 411
What's Needed?
Dedicated Steppin Journal (notebook), $5 for My Practice CD (not mandatory, highly recommended), and a positive attitude. Be early (we might have a surprise for you). Call if you are not coming to class or if you are running late. Attire: Casual attire is appropriate (please do not wear wide-legged pants or long dresses). Ladies' shoes should be a 2' heel or higher with a leather sole. Gentlemen shoes should be a leather sole. NO tennis shoes, flip flops, slide-ins or mules please.

Disclaimer: 4-week Courses at Project STEP Dance Studio or Porter Sanford Center are subject to change without notice and is based on participation. If only one or two people show up for class, the class will be 30 minutes only. Your full payment guarantees your spot in the current course and does not transfer over to any future courses. If you decide not to take the course, we will refund your money if course is cancelled 72 hours before course begins with a $30 cancellation fee (per registration; otherwise, cancelled courses are nonrefundable, NO EXCEPTIONS. PLEASE NOTE: NO MAKE UP CLASSES ARE AVAILABLE).

Semesters/Classes/Courses are $65 per person, per course. * * Pay Options: Money Order or Cash. To Charge by Phone Call 404.931.1367 * *

Send Money Orders to: 
Project STEP LLC
2341 Springrun Way | Decatur, GA 30032

Privates, Semi-Private Lessons & Workshops Are Available